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Does Nesech Wine Treif Utensils?


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

4 Av 5764
If you (unknowingly) added Nesech wine to a stew to improve the flavor of the stew, do you have to kasher the pot before you use it to cook other food?
If it's really Nessech wine – the pot has to be Kashered and the food has to be thrown out. But it"s hard to find Nessech wine today in most places and we define most wines as Stam Yeinam, in that case if the wine is less than one sixtieth of the dish, and it can’t be felt in the food, it has been annulled and can be eaten; but if it's more than one sixtieth or can be felt in the dish – in this case the food should be chucked out and the pot Kashered.
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