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Rain in April


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Iyyar 17, 5773
Dear Rabbi, Is rain in Israel in April a blessing or not? Can you please give a source? Thanks
From the Mishna in Ta'anit chapter 1:7, we learn that if it did not rain during the winter and then in Nissan there is rain, it is not a good sign. It therefore follows that if the winter was a rainy one it wouldn't be a bad sign. However, The Bet Yosef (114) brings the Ran on Ta'anit who explains why if someone mistakenly said "Mashiv Harucach and Morid Hageshem" after Pessach, he must go back and Daven correctly. He says that since Pessach is the time when we stop saying "Mashiv Haruach" , and since most of the time when we stop saying "mashiv Haruach" it is not a good sign, even it had rained during the winter, one must repeat his "shmoneh Esreh" if he made a mistake. However, in regard to the month of "Iyyar" the mekubalim see it as a good sign and it brings heath. This can be found in Imrei Pinchas of Rav Pinchas Mekoritz' siman 305.
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