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Touching & Cooking Unkosher Meat


Rabbi David Sperling

Shevat 10, 5773
Would it be allowed to touch and cook unkosher liver for dogs? Blessings.
Shalom, Even though your dog may want to be Jewish, I don't think it's going to happen! So, being that our animals don't have to keep kosher, it would seem that there is no worry about giving them non-kosher food. And that is true - with two major exceptions. Firstly, as Jews we are not allowed to eat milk and meat cooked together. Not only can we not eat it, we cannot cook it nor benefit from it. So we cannot cook milk and meat for our pets, nor can we feed them pet food with a milk and meat mixture in it, as we are benefitting from the forbidden mixture by doing so. Secondly, on Passover we cannot eat, own or benefit from Hametz (leaven). So your pet will have to start eating matzah or other kosher for Passover food. With all this in mind there is no problem to touch and cook unkosher liver for dogs. Just keep in mind not to use your kosher pots and utensils for this, as it will make them not kosher. Blessings.
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