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Ceramic stovetop


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

26 Tishrei 5767
First of all, thank you in advance for your answer! I have a ceramic top stove and I have three questions: 1. Is it ok to slide hot pots off the burners into the center of the stove if it is clean? 2. Do the burners need to be kashered (turned on to glow) before changing from cooking milk to meat? 3. Is it ok to put food on the stove surface if it is cold and clean (such as rolling out dough) and if not, why not?
1. If the pot bottom is clean and the stove top is clean it is ok ( though some people refrain, in case one is not really clean). 2. Burners do not have to be kashered. 3. It is not a good idea to place food directly on a surface where hot food is also placed, if one is milk and the other is meat. If possible one should have a meat counter and a milk counter, plus one for pareve. This is often impossble, in which case if both the surface and the food are cold it may be place there.
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