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What is the "soul"?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Elul 5, 5781
What’s the meaning that you can give to the word "soul"?
There are 3 levels in between the body and the spiritual/metaphysical/Godly side of man, which comprise the soul. In ascending order: the nefesh is in-between the body and the ru'ach; then the ru'ach is in-between the nefesh and the neshama; and the neshama is that unique "spark of God" or "shadow of God" which He granted individually to each and every one of us. The idea is that like a shadow, we are capable and meant to copy our Creator, not that we are Him (for we are created and clearly not the Creator), but that we have Free Will & can choose to emulate Him and act Godly.
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