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Not Having Motivation to Pray


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Kislev 4, 5781
Shalom haRav, I would really appreciate your advice, I’ve been having trouble with davening in the morning. I view it as a chore that I don’t want to do and the fact that not davening doesn’t bother me and I even feel relief when I don’t, really disturbs me. I don’t know what to do. I want to want to daven but it doesn’t happen. Please help.
That's a big question for this concise framework, yet in general, it's good to examine life and analyze how much we need God's help with all of the complexities. So many things can go wrong, and it's elementary decency (for anyone who believes in God, which you obviously do), to thank Him for all of the daily things which He grants us throughout life, and to ask Him to continue to do so (and not need to take away something to help me realize how much I need Him). In addition, a loving relationship with a Father or Spouse (Hashem is like both for us), is not just a romantic & loving relationship, but it's also loyalty, dependability and responsibility ("You can count on me when the chips are down), even if I don't 'feel like it', at that moment. Helping my wife look for the baby's pacifier at 2 am, or taking an elderly father to the hospital aren't "fun", but it's part of my loyalty and responsibility towards my wife, child and parent. Similarly, we daven every day, even if we often we don't feel like it, because that solidifies our relationship with Hashem. That's in short, hope it helps a little!
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