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How does Judaism differ from Christianity?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Iyyar 12, 5780
What differentiate the Catholic, Romans and other Christian religion from the Jews?
The Jewish history, prophets, mitzvot, Godly revelation etc., which the Christians also accept, speak for themselves, as elaborated in my recent answer at . The Bible is clearly addressing the eternal and covenental Nation of Israel, and not just a "religion" disconnected from national life, history and the Land of Israel. Historically, the Jews of his generation were not at all convinced, and had no reason to believe that the Christian leader was god nor messiah, and surely he and other Christians had no right to change the 613 practical Godly mitvot, as commanded in the Torah, like wearing tzitzit (fringes) and tefilin, etc. Again, we aren't at all interested in converting others, but if you were already fortunate enough to be born Jewish, and are not convinced of the drastic changes Christianity made in twisting the eternal Torah, than why not stay with the Godly original? Theologically, Catholics are the original Christians, and any changes or later reforms are suspect to question and skepticism, testifying to the difficulties, non-Godliness and lack of eternity of their original dogma. Aside from our ideology of pure monotheism and no trinity, we believe that God is perfect, and obviously doesn't make mistakes. Accordingly, the physical world He created isn't bad or negative, but is really good and positive. Judaism says that it's an ideal to marry, work for a living and encourages asking questions, as opposed to the Catholic ideal in the oaths of "chastity, poverty and obedience". Also the oral law and rabbinic authorities, who are mandated and even obligated by the Torah itself (Dvarim 17, 8-11), keep Judaism eternal, applicable and relevant, even 3,300 years after it was given, something which is sorely lacking in Christianity. In short, the more of your Jewish heritage that you will learn, the more you will be convinced and love it, as wev'e been doing for thousands of years!
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