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Follow up question on granola: can’t find the blessing


Rabbi Moshe Leib Halberstadt

Cheshvan 1, 5780
In the above question, you noted that the blessing on granola would depend on how it was cooked. If you don’t know how it was made or it is not easy finding out, which berakha would you say? In general, if you find yourself wanting to eat a food you don’t know the blessing rishona for, you’re hungry and there is no easy way to find out its blessing, can you just say shehakol and eat it and later find it’s appropriate blessing for next time? Thanks
A person who studied the Laws of Blessings and researched the facts and the Halachah as much as he can regarding the food he is uncertain what is its blessing, and yet remains in doubt, he may recite the more general blessing on the food such as Shehakol Nih'yeh Bid'varo (by whose will all things come to be) which includes everything or Borei Pri Ha'adama when it's a fruit with a doubt whether its blessing is Ha'eitz or Ha'adama. Also in this case, if he can exempt it from the blessing by eating it within the meal or by reciting a blessing on other foods, it is preferable, but if he did not study the Halachah and did not research, "He should not eat until he goes to a sage to teach him blessings". (Rema 202, 18 & Mishnah Berurah 84-86. Shulchan Aruch 204, 13 & Mishnah Berurah. 206, 1 & M"B 5)
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