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Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

2 Kislev 5767
Do you need to say a Bracha on gum? If yes why? Whould this also apply to a nicoret (nicotene gum as well)?
There are differing opinions on this question. Some people bite off a little piece and swallow it before saying a Bracha. Other drink some water first in order to make a Bracha and avoid the problem. If these options are not possible don't say a Bracha, but it is proper to attempt one of these possibilities. In regards to gum - after learning the Sugya it seems to me that it is difficult to describe chewing gum as "Hana'at Achila". I have asked Rav Dov Lior Shlita, a prominent posek in Israel who told me gum gets no Bracha. My dear friend Rav Shmuel Rosenfeld told me that his Rosh Yeshiva (Rav Tuvia Goldstein of Yeshivas Emek Halacha and a prominent NY posek) paskined gum gets no Bracha. I asked Rav Sarya Duvlitsky Shlita, a prominent litvish posek in Bnei Brak. He said that he could not say one should say a Bracha on gum (he apparently prefers that we not chew gum at all). It seems reasonable to me that if one has in tention to chew gum for a short time to suck out the sugar and taste and then to spit it out, there is Kavannah for Hana'at Achila and a Bracha may be said. This is not the normal way of chewing gum.
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