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Torah uMada according to Rav Soloveichik


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Sivan 11, 5779
You answered me that Rambam holds its a chilul Hashem, but what about in a case that one has money or he does not need money, would Rabbi Soloveitchik hold that there is no reason whatsoever to get a degree?
Being that your question is an historical issue, I referred it to Rav Dr. Aharon Rakeffet, who authored the scholarly biography of Rav Soloveichik. He answered that there is a difference of opinion among his students and there is a basis for both in his writings. In "Ish HaHalacha", the Rav sounds like R. Shimshon Rephael Hirsch that secular knowledge is an ideal, but in "The Rav", Rav Rakeffet quotes him as saying "the times demand it". Either way, it sounds that today he holds that it is generally proper. Nevertheless, obviously if one was raised in an insular and closed society, and the sudden exposure to new and impressive ideas, and especially anti-religious professors, may confuse him, Rav Kook, and I have no doubt also R. Soloveichik, and really all rabbanim would strongly oppose.
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