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change of nusach


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Kislev 11, 5779
Shalom, I became observant and started davening over the last 2 years. My family has been reform for about 30 years and I arbitrarily started davening Ashkenaz when I became observant. my only other observant family davens Aidot HaMizrach. I have been living for 6 months in a community where the shul I attend davens Sefard, so I got a Sefard siddur to follow better in shul. I realized I was, without really knowing why or how, connecting more to the Tefillot with stronger Kavanah and to the Arizal’s kabbalistic teachings and wish to change my nusach to this. I have always connected to learning about the Kabbalistic viewpoint, however, a lot of what I learned about Tefillah was from an Ashkenazi point of view. I am now moving away from this community and am not sure if the shul I find will be Ashkenaz or Sefard. Is it ok for me to continue to daven Sefard? and do you have any recommendations about how to learn more about the deeper meanings of the order of the Sefard siddur?
In your situation, it's definitely allowed to change to Sfarad, especially since you don't know your family's original custom, not to mention the fact that it helps your kavana which is especially important. In addition, when you join a new congregation, you can adopt their nusach, which makes things easier to follow, not to mention more communal. In general chassidim pray in nusach sfarad so I'm sure that you can find an English Lubavitch/Chabad commentary.
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