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Destruction of Divrei Torah

Various Rabbis2 Kislev 5763
Every week I print out several divrei Torah from the internet. Many of them have the name of H’, or even with the "o" in the middle. Am I permitted to throw them out after Shabbat, or must I keep them until it’s time for Geniza?
There are several kinds of Diverei Torah: 1. A story which includes a Dvar Torah does not need Geniza. 2. All Divrei Torah otherwise have to be placed in the Geniza. 3. In a situation when there is no space in the Gniza and no other solution is possible one may only need to put in the - Divrei Torah with Shemot. Divrei Torah must be kept respectfully untill being placed in the Geniza. A Dvar Torah is placed in Geniza when one is done with it. Rabbi Yosef Weitzen
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