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standing during tfilot


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Iyyar 8, 5774
Standing is difficult for me, sometimes more than other times, and more difficult to stand for a long time or without support. I try to stand during the amidah, kedushah, kaddish, & when the Torah is taken out or returned. But sometimes it’s just too difficult. Sometimes I can stand if I lean on my cane (especially when bowing or stepping forward or back). Sometimes it’s very difficult. I usually sit up straighter when I should be standing. Is this all okay?
ב"ה Shalom First allow me to wish many more years of good health. If you can remain standing during the Shmoneh Esreh while leaning on something without causing additional difficulty , than do that. If that is also too difficult, than sit while saying Shmoneh Esreh and if possible just stand at the places where we must bow. If that is also too difficult ,remain seated throughout the Shmoneh Esreh or other places in Tefilla. This will allow to focus on the Tefilla itself and not just the standing or sitting. (See Mishna Brura 94: 20, 24. ) Once again, the best of good health.
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