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Re: Shabbos desecration on new railway


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Cheshvan 14, 5779
I asked because it was reported that rabbi stern, rabbinate rabbi of Jerusalem, said it was forbidden. interesting that you didn’t quote him in your reply. thanks for the response...
ב"ה Shalom For accuracy's sake, it would have been better to specify, to begin with, that what you heard was from Rabbi Stern. In your original question, you merely said " I heard there are serious halachic problems.." not quoting anyone specific. From, my personal point of view it would have made a whole difference. The Chief Rabbi of Yerushalayim, Rav Aryeh Stern Shlit"a, was my Rabbi in the years I did Halachic research in the "Halacha B'rura Institute", which Rav Stern has headed for many years. In no way, would I have challenged my own Rav. Having said that, I was not in any way aware of what Rav Stern said on the issue directly or indirectly. In the sources I read, following your current question, I saw, Rav Stern quoted saying that the "Poskim should express their view on this issue ", which would mean that Rav Stern did not see himself as the final word on this issue. However, neither can one rely on media quotes from Rabbis which could be highly inaccurate. As a rule, for the same reason, people should not learn Halachic rulings from newspapers which are intended to make headlines and not to teach us Halacha. Halacha is only to be learned from direct sources, or from an article from the very Rabbi who issued the Halachic ruling. I, in any case, saw no such thing in this case. Nonetheless, I was cautious in my first answer, that I did not want to express an opinion of my own, on an issue which is a national one and the great Rabbis should rule on it. I simply explained some of the underlying Halachic considerations, and then quoted the Sephardi Chief Rabbi, Rav Yitzchak Yoseph that expressed his opinion on the issue you raised. Thanks for the clarification. All the best
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