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Kavod Shabbos

Rabbi David SperlingSivan 11, 5780
What are some exampleas and sources of things done for Kavod Shabbos besides for bigdei shabbos?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. The Rambam (in the last chapter of the laws of Shabbat, chapter 30) explains at length many things that are part of honoring Shabbat, that is Kavod Shabbat. He lists among other things – washing in hot water before Shabbat to prepare for the holy day; putting on fine clothing; not overeating before Shabbat so that one will have an apatite for the Shabbat meals; setting the table; cleaning the house for Shabbat; making sure that there is good lighting (including the Shabbat candles); making one’s bed ready for the Shabbat rest; making all purchases needed for Shabbat. In general things we need to do before Shabbat in order to ensure that Shabbat will be a special and honorable day are all included in Kavod Shabbat. Apart from Kavod there is also Oneg Shabbat – but I leave that to you to go and learn from the Rambam. (The complete text of the Rambam’s Laws of Shabbat can be found on – you will want to learn chapter 30). Blessings.
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