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I dreamed that my husband was announcing my death


Rabbi Ari Shvat

In my dream, I saw my husband telling my brother about my death he had tears rolling down his face. the dream happened after fasting Yom Kippur... I lied down and took a nap. Is this dream a sign if so is there a way to reverse it. I have been doing Teshuvah for the past three years since a NDE. But why would Hashem have saved my life if I am to die?
We all will die eventually, but your Near-Death-Event was clearly a “wake-up call”. In fact, any occurrence in life, for example a bad dream, which catalyzes self-awareness and helps you organize your ideals and beliefs, and gets you to be a better, more thinking, caring and idealistic person, can and should be used for your benefit (especially in improving: repentance, prayer and charity). Nevertheless, dreams are not prophecy and one should be careful not to confuse the two! Don’t take dreams too seriously, but as an indication what thoughts or fears pre-occupy your conscience and sub-conscience, and as above, as a catalyst to improve, but not to frighten. If after resolve to improve (especially: repentance, prayer and charity) the dream continues to bother you, you can ask your local orthodox rabbi to perform a short ceremony called "hatavat chalom", which usually helps.
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