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Rabbi David Sperling

Nisan 18, 5782
Hi Happy Pesach the 2 contradicting main opinions I’ve heard are in essence 1) all our dreams in this generation are worthless/meaningless/not true, because we are on such a low spiritual level 2) that opinion 1 is false and they aren’t all worthless/meaningless thank you
Shalom, Thank you for your question. The Talmud itself brings differing opinions as to the value of dreams. Obviously, the Torah tells us of some dreams that certainly have some importance (for example Yosef). However, it is also clear that some of our dreams are merely mental processing of the days events (like when you spent the day doing laundry, you may well dream of cloths). So, the value of dreams is not a fixed thing – some dreams are more important than others. On what does it depend – 1. The level of the person who is dreaming. 2. The ability to interpret the dreams. 3. The level of the generation one lives in. 4. The physical place one lives in (eg Israel) 5. The needs of Heaven to send you the dream. So, with all this in mind, many Rabbis will advice you to ignore your dreams in general. If you have a strong recurring dream, then there is possibly room to try to understand what one should do with it. Blessings, Chag Semach.
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