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Kos Eliyahu


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

Nisan 18, 5769
Dear Rabbi, what, according to the Halacha, do we do with the Kos Eliyahu after the seder? Given that we pour it because there is a machloket whether to drink it or not, we pour it and not drink it - but it would probably be wrong just to throw the wine away in the morning... Are there sources? Many thanks, Simon Krysl
You can pour it back to the bottle at the end of the seder or leave it for Kiddush of the next day [I read that's what Rav Dov Lior does]. Rav Kasher [Torah Shlema, Vaera pp.109-112] suggests drinking the fifth cup during the seder, this is possible according to the Rema [481:1] as well.
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