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קטגוריה משנית
Hi there, B”H I was able to buy matzah last week, but I live with my parents and I forgot to include them in the mitzvah, I didn’t ask for any of their money before I bought the boxes. If I owe them money, and they say: do not pay us back, it will be even in part of the Matzot, does saying that include my parents in the mitzvah? Even if it is after the fact and I already paid for all of it? Does it also matter if I suggest it or if they? So long as they agree to it? Thank you so much,
Shalom, Thank you for your question. I am not certain exactly what you are asking. If you are asking about your parents forfilling the mitzvah of matzah on Pessach with the matzah you purchased, that is not a problem at all. On seder night you will put the matzah out and give it to all the people at the seder, and they will do the mitzvah regardless of who paid for the matzah. There is no obligation for every Jew to personally buy matzah. Also, there is no special mitzvah in buying it. The mitzvah is to eat it at the Seder. Some opinions are strict and say that one should personally own the matzah they eat for the Seder – but, as we said, if you give it to them, then according to all opinions they are doing the mitzvah. As to who pays for the matzah – it is fine that you paid. Your parents can use their money as they see fit. Blessings.
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