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Meat knife cut onion - toaster oven


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

Nisan 17, 5769
I have a dairy toaster oven and today I put a parve dish (scalloped potatoes) to bake there containing onions and just now I realize that I used a meat knife to chop the onions... is it treif? Should I give away the toaster oven to a non Jew? I have not used this toaster for dairy purposes for several weeks and I’ve cut the onion with the same knife that I, few hours before, cut cold pieces of chicken. I washed the knife and accidentaly put it on the dairy side of my sink...using it to cut the onions...
The toaster is kosher and still parve, the amount of meat taste in the dish is nullified in the potatoes since it only contains as much meat taste as the knife itself.
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