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Kashrut- metal double sink

Rabbi David SperlingTevet 26, 5773
Hello, I am looking into double sinks for my new kitchen, and wanted to know if there is any problem with metal sinks as far as kashrut is concerned. Someone mentioned that there may be an issue with such a sink because of the heat being transmitted. For example if hot chicken soup is poured in the meat side, would it affect the dairy side because the sink would get hot since it is metal? Is there something to that or not? If so, would it matter what kind of metal it was (steel, copper etc...). Thank you.
Shalom. Mazel Tov on the new kitchen - may you merit to cook many mitzvah meals in it. It seems to me that there could be no problem with a double metal sink. It is true that if you planned to cook meat soup in one sink whilst you cooked milk in the other sink, it would be problematic (if they shared one common metal wall - which I am not sure double sinks really do). But, as you will not be cooking in the sinks, but only pouring things down the drain, or washing dishes in the sink, there is no concern that the meat flavor from the dishes (or poured out soup) could enter the milk side to the extent that it would affect your milk dishes. There is no difference what type of metal is used. Blessings.
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