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employee payment


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

Cheshvan 15, 5769
I am a Licensed Locksmith and I run my own business. sometimes a locksmith firm needs me to install locks for their costumers since I am a very Experienced Installer. upon agreement to install the locks I get 50 percent commission out of 100 percent minus material. For example: If the job costs 1000 and the materials costs 500, the profit will be 500 and I get 250 they get the other 750 because they paid for the materials Until now, this company pays me even if the customer of theirs didn’t pay them yet. Lately, they decided to pay me only after the customer payed them. sometimes it can take a month or two. I Don’t feel it’s right. What is your suggestion? Please help.
I think that since you are hired by the company, the fact the customer paid or not has no relevance to their obligation to pay you and you have the right to feel bad. I suggest you tell them you want to be paid regardless to the customer's debt and if they wouldn’t you can take them to a rabbinic court for a Din Torah.
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