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Conversion Question


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

17 Tammuz 5766
Shalom, I know it is customary that when a goy wants to become a ger he will have to move in to live in a Jewish community. If the requirement cannot be fulfilled due to unusual circumstances, can the person convert anyway with the prospect that when the possibility arises in the future, he will move? How about if unusual circumstances make it impossible for him to fulfill other halachic provisions of conversion, for example tzedekhah, can the person be exempt from requirements that would be impossible for him to fulfill, since there is no yetzer hara involved, and those requirements be fulfilled when the individual would be able to, later on? Toda raba.
A convert has to convince the Beth Din of his sincerity and pure motives. If he/she manages to do so without moving to the Jewish area, that’s okay; it is unlikely for that to happen, however, I personally know of one such extreme case. On a practical note, you must contact the Beth Din and discuss the matter with them.
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