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Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Tammuz 24, 5780
I am currently desiring to convert to Judaism & to live in Israel. I want to know how, as a non-Jew, I can obtain this process & move to Israel. I live in Arizona, United States but have been feeling this pull toward Judaism for a few years now & I want to walk through this starting now.
Shalom First allow me to say that converting to Judaism and immigrating to Israel are two very big undertakings so you have to prepare yourself well to make these major changes in your life. In regard to your question there are religious aspects and bureaucratic aspects to it. As far as the conversion process, if you want to become Jewish, you must go through a proper conversion process which requires an intense study program. If you want your conversion to be recognized by all Jewish circles, the conversion should be done with an recognized Orthodox Rabbi only. This way you will be accepted in Israel as Jewish and in all Jewish communities. From the immigration point of view, according to Israeli "law of return", a person who is defined as Jewish may immigrate to Israel. Therefore, you may be required to first complete the conversion process before immigrating to Israel. For the legal aspects, I suggest you turn the "Jewish agency " office in your area or contact an organization called " Nefesh B'nefesh." All the best
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