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Convert not forgiven for all prior aveirot?


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

12 Adar 5766
I read your reply on a previous answer to a question about whether or not a convert is a new person: "Similarly, a Ger does not gain automatic atonement for previous sins, though the conversion may be part of the repentance process.." I was under the mistaken impression that a Ger was forgiven for things prior to conversion. Can you please tell me where to learn more about this concept?
A ger is clearly a new person in regard to relatives, that is his sister is not his sister, etc. In regards to liability for prvious sins, there is disagreement in the gemorah concerning certain sins, but the upshot is that for any sins for which a Jew is liable, the ger is liable for those sins even if they were committed before the conversion.
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