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Makom Kavuah

Rabbi Chaim Tabasky3 Cheshvan 5766
I am always puzzled with the halacha of makom Kavuah. I know its best to have your seat and daven from there... but.. If someone is in Your makom... is it better to daven somewhere else? Or ask that person to leave, possbily insulting someone in the process? Perhaps, helping that person find another seat? I find myself in a position of letting the person sit in my seat.... or perhaps I should tell the person nicely to daven elsewhere. Thank you
Makom kavua is a hiddur, a finer way of davening, but in no way allows for embarrassing another person. In an organized shul it is the job of a gabbai to make sure that seating positions can be maintained. If someone repeatedly takes your seat when others are available, or your afraid he'll do so, quietly inform him after davening. If it is a guest, and there are other free places nearby, ask him to move without inconveniencing if you can, certainly withouir rancor. If your not sure how he'll react, daven somewhere else.
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