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Davening in presnce of cat litter box?

Rabbi Jonathan Blass21 Shevat 5763
I have recently adopted a week old baby kitten which I found on the street. She is just beginning to learn how to use her litter box. At present it does not smell. I live in a small one room apartment, and while the litter box is in an inconspicous corner, there is no way that I can put it in a different room (unless in the bathroom on a temporary basis). Am I allowed to daven/learn/make Berachot in the same room? Will this situation change if/when the box does start to smell? (As a woman, I normally daven at least one Tefilla a day at home.)
Cover her litter box and then wait and daven only when there is no lingering odor (Shulchan Aruch Orach Chayyim 79).
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