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Protecting Our Young People


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

30 Av 5765
As a concerned father, I try to protect my children from bad influences. Is allowing one’s children, who are at an impressionable age, to play cat and mouse with the army, and for girls to be in potentially very immodest situations, including being arrested and jailed, allowed by responsible rabbinic authorities? What does our Torah teach?
Playing with the army is not the Jewish mother's finest dream; the army has better things to do, like defending the Jewish people from their enemy, and so do our boys and girls. Sometimes when for instance, the army is not doing what it's suppose to do and instead abused by the prime minister to expel Jews from their land and give it free of charge to the enemy, it is important for both, those who understand how bad this is and those who don't, to protest and show that we find this immoral, cruel and offensive, and try to stop it. If a specific father knows that such protest will very badly affect his kids – he should prevent them form going, in all other normal cases both boys and girls are modestly behaved and mature enough not to go the wrong path.
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