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Mashiach Must prove He is real


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

24 Tammuz 5765
1. How must he prove He is the Messiah? 2. To whom must He prove that He is the Messiah? 3. Over the years many people have claimed to be the Messiah; therefore, what was the proof those people were not the Messiah or what proof was used to show they were not the Messiah?
According to Maimonides, The Messiah must be a Torah scholar, and observant Jew, and a leader who descends from King David. He must bring the Jewish people to observance, lead them to freedom and rebuild the Temple. If he has begun these endeavors he may be assumed to be the Mashiach unless proven otherwise. (Laws of Kings ch. 11) Some commentaries are of the opinion that until the king shows himself to possess miraculous powers of judgement, no assumption can be made.
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