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קטגוריה משנית
7. Yes, it is truly tragic how the souls that have chosen to be lost in the past or future, will be missing... .. and surely cant rely on our kindergarten teachers childish prediction of geula! First take care of you and your own family by making aliya and strengthening their connection to Torah, which is largely within your control, before worrying about things which are beyond your control, "Why do you try [traveling on] the roads of God?! Just do that which you are obligated to do" and thats what should pre-occupy us (Berachot 10a). ----but they didnt choose to be lost (or, most of them I would think didnt?) they just Are lost. I actually did not (as far as I can remember) receive any information about mashiah or geulah in kindergarten (or, really anywhere, until I read the information about it on chabads website and in various books. So I still do not have a clear idea of what is really going to happen in the next, say, 100 years? I am open to hearing any clarification you want to write about this topic.) I was not raised in an orthodox household. also I Am worried for the lost souls because all of Israel is one?
We do whatever we can do to stay in touch and bring back those distant as close as possible, but sometimes Hashem is the only one who can really save them. You are correct, that for many, it was their parents' choice and not their own, and God knows that very well when He judges them, nevertheless, the difficult price of assimilation is inevitable, when not passing on Jewish traditions properly and with passion and intellect. We must do the best we can and pray that God will show His mercy towards His children and bring our wandering brothers happily back to Judaism.
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