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Rabbi Chaim Tabasky20 Iyyar 5764
How old was the earth when Adam died?,...when the flood began?,...when Abraham was called?,...when Moses and Israel left Egypt?,
We use a Biblical chronology which assumes the literal meaning of creation in six days, and the creation of man on the sixth day. Though there are some sources that insist on the acceptance of this dating as absolute truth (eg Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson ZT"L, the late Lubavicher Rebbe), others consider these dates as a convenience of following the Biblical narrative and interpret the "creation" as the beginning of Biblical history and chronology. According to Biblical chronology, Adam died in year 930. The flood began in year 1656 G-d spoke to Avraham in year 2018. Avraham was 70, so he was born in year 1948 (sound familiar?) Today is 5764.
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