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Get vs Civil Divorce


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

30 Nisan 5765
I have a friend who was married to a Jew under the conservative auspices. There was a Ketubah. Some years later, they went through a civil divorce and started the process for the Get but never went through with it. In the years since, he has lost all contact with his wife and there is a rumor she has Parkinsons. He is still single, but has terrible luck with women. I told him to get the Get. But he is worried about the money and he does not know where she is nor her family. I read somewhere that Conservative marriages are not valid in the view of the Orthodoxy so would a Get still apply? Finally, can he get a Get done via a proxy based on very little information?
In theory, at least, without knowing anything about the specifics, the get may be delivered by proxy and should not be that expensive. I suggest your friend contact the closest Beit Din as soon as possible to see what the actual possibilities are.
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