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Bris for a converting baby


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

28 Av 5764
Shalom. I have a question regarding performing the bris....If an Orthodox Jewish male marries a non-Jewish female, civilly and they have a baby boy, yet the women has not completed her conversion by the time the baby boy is born, can and must a bris still take place on the 8th day? My husband’s brother is in this situation...the conversion is estimated to only take place in July of next year (2005) and the baby is due in November (2004)? Their Chuppah is planned for July of next year? This is quite an unusal situation, but I would really appreciate your opinion.
A baby born to a non Jewish mother is not Jewish and requires conversion. At the time of the conversion the bris is performed. Though in theory the conversion of the child could preceed that of the mother, in most cases it would be wise to perform them together. The Beit Din which is in charge of the conversion of the mother should be consulted in this case and should decide if it is worth while converting the baby earlier. The laws of conversions of children require special attention and you should get direction from an Orthodox Beit Din.
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