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Rabbi Moshe Leib Halberstadt

Elul 13, 5770
Re the Rabbi’s Answer to the question "My daughter asked me about what we say in birkat hamazon. She said" It is not true that Hashem מכין מזון לכל בריותיו (provides food for all the creations) with all the people starving in different places of the world. What do I answer her???" How does one say "Tomid lo Chossar Lonu" If they were in the concentration camps and were starving. Thank You
The Abudreham writes that we say Uvetuvo Hagadol Tamid Lo Chasar Lanu (and through His great goodness, we have never lacked [food]) based on “V’arbaim Shanah Kilkaltam Bamidbar Lo Chaseru” (And forty years You sustained them in the desert; they did not want – Nehemiah 9, 21). Ve'al Yechsar Lanu Mazon Le’olam Vaed (and may we never lack nourishment), is a request, based on “V’lo Yechsar Lachmo” (and his bread shall not be wanting - Isaiah 51, 14). The explanation of this is that “Tamid Lo Chasar Lanu” is not a personal statement saying I was never lacking a thing. We are mentioning the fact that the People of Israel did not lack anything during their 40-year sojourn in the desert, and we are requesting that also in the future may we never lack nourishment for all eternity. Note that it is said in plural as it refers to all of Israel and not in singular which would refer to the person reciting the blessing. (אבודרהם הלכות ברכות השער הראשון (1340), וכ"ה בפירוש התפלות והברכות לרבנו יהודה ב"ר יקר רבו של הרמב"ן (ד'תתק"ל – ד'תתק"פ / 1170-1220), ובפירוש עץ יוסף הנמצא בסידור אוצר התפילות ומצוטט גם בסידור קול יעקב ארטסקרול באנגלית).
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