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Gyur le chumra


Rabbi David Sperling

Sivan 1, 5782
Schalom, If I did a gyur lechumra because after WWII there was no orthodox Bet Din available and the gyur of my grandmother was done with a military Rabbi - what is the status of my brothers? Can they still receive an aliya ? I brought a safek on my family which was not known before ... this caused a severe tension
Shalom, Thank you for writing to us. All issues of the status of someone’s Judaism need to be clarified by a Bet Din who can examine each case in depth. But, in general, the fact that one child did a giur l’chumrah should not necessarily be a factor in determining the status of the other siblings. The Bet Din is able to rule on each person individually. My advice is for your brothers to speak in person to an Orthodox Rabbi to determine their status, if they feel there is any doubt as to the conversion of their grandmother. Blessings
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