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The Blessing of keeping The Laws of Niddah

Dear Rabbi, Two years ago I was Niddah for most of the year, or my cycle wouldn’t wait for me to attend the mikveh. It was a very stressful time in my marriage, and finally I was forced to have surgical sterilization for health reasons. I was crushed and devasted, even though I already have four healthy children . Nevertheless, there were times that the temptation to overide the laws of marital purity flashed through my mind, I held fast to the rules because I felt Hashem was testing my husband and I in some way, and maybe some day we would be rewarded. After my surgery I prayed to Hashem daily for a miracle. The reward is now here. I am pregnant, even though it is highly impossible. I would not have believed it myself if I had not seen this little boy kicking and punching on the ultrasound screen. Plus this child is due right during Passover. I tell you this because there are miracles happening everyday and maybe this story will give infertile couples hope.
I would like to praise your for your loyalty to Hashem's Mitzvot and to the Halachot of marital purity. Thank you for your story and may you hear and have only Smachot and Besorot Tovot.
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