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A Wheelchair in a Place With No Eruv

Rabbi Jonathan Blass16 Cheshvan 5763
Can a mentally and physically disabled child be wheeled in a wheelchair on Shabbat in a place without a kosher Eruv? What about if the Goy does it?
It is permissible for the child to wheel himself, if he is capable of it, in a place where there is no Eruv, but there must be nothing in his wheelchair other than the pillow he sits on or in his pockets. A gentile may be told to push the wheelchair (empty of everything except what is necessary for the travel of the child) to shul or elsewhere for the sake of a Mitzva- so that the child will eat the Shabbat meal, hear a Shiur etc. (Shmirat Shabbat K’Hilchata I, 34, 27).
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