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For Everything There is a Season


Rabbi Haggai Lundin

Cheshvan 5 5783
Yesterday, I received a call from someone who said that this is the first time he was voting for the right-wing bloc, he claimed that it was difficult for him to participate in the elections because "each side is inciting against the other side", and this mindset is too belligerent for him.

I answered him
A. way to go with his sensitivity, this undoubtedly testifies to his noble personality;

B. I do not see "incitement from both sides", but mainly one side – which controls the media – which for years has been inciting against the national and religious camp. Yesterday, for example, one of them issued another gem that "Hitler also came to power democratically," adding without blinking that "I am not comparing".

C. And this is the main thing – every political system is accompanied by tension and slander. Certainly, this should be minimized as much as possible, but the desire to be sterile and not to help and participate – is also a kind of evil inclination called purity. "For everything there is a season and a time for every purpose beneath the heavens," says King Solomon, "a time of war and a time of peace"; now is a time of war for the identity and future of the State of Israel (yesterday a Jew was murdered as a direct result of the abandonment of security by a side that hesitates to fight and make war). Our great love for every Jew is demonstrated by the increasing bloc of the believers. We are the majority and we will win. With the help of God.

The bad will pass.
The good will prevail.
With God's help.
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