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    Yom Hakaddish Haklali

    Where Was G-d in the Holocaust?

    The question in the headline is not one that is simply "asked;" it is rather cried out in pain! Unlike many questions that do not have an intellectual answer – such as, "Where was G-d when a baby died yesterday? Where was He during a variety of catastrophes that have occurred throughout history, some even worse than the Holocaust?" – it is specifically the Shoah that continually ignites anew the "Where was G-d?" debate. Delving deeper, we note that the reason for this actually directs us towards a more profound issue. Our question is actually a cry of despair that the Shoah appears to justify. For the Holocaust did not sprout up in a vacuum

    Rabbi Haggai Lundin | Nissan 28 5782
    The Ten Days of Repentance

    Teshuva: Don't Expect a One-Shot Deal

    Yom Kippur is less than a week away, and for many of us, its approach is cause for unease and disquiet. Precisely during this period of the holy High Holidays, poisonous doubts creep into our thoughts and hearts: "Last year I asked forgiveness for my sins and errors; I prayed from the depth of my heart; I promised myself I would not fall into the same traps – and behold, it didn't work! So what's the point of all my teshuva [commitment to return to one's true inner self]? Will anything be different this Yom Kippur than last time or the time before?"

    Rabbi Haggai Lundin | Tishrei 4 5782
    The Value of the Nation of Israel

    Why a *Nation* Is Needed to Fulfill G-d's Plan

    The Divine Idea reaches full expression only in the form of national Jewish life in the Jewish land – and not simply via individuals, no matter how righteous they may be.

    Rabbi Haggai Lundin | Elul 19 5781
    The Israeli State and Goverment

    The Value of Nationhood

    Translated by Hillel Fendel

    In the Book of Shmot, we are no longer individuals, as in Breishit, but rather begin to appear in history as a Nation. Why is a national framework so critical?

    Rabbi Haggai Lundin | Sivan 14 5781
    Army and War

    A Little Order in the Turmoil

    It is possible to see order even in the turmoil we are in. Order meaning control; control means that there is direction and there is a purpose; in other words, there is Gd!

    Rabbi Haggai Lundin | Sivan 2 5781

    A Very Pessimistic Man

    Rabbi Haggai Lundin | Tamuz 11 5780
    The Coronavirus Pandemic

    A Second Wave of Postponing Our Immediate Needs and Satisfactions

    Rabbi Haggai Lundin | Sivan 9 5780
    The Coronavirus Pandemic

    What is to become of our money?

    Rabbi Haggai Lundin | Iyar 17 5780
    The Coronavirus Pandemic

    The month of Iyar-"for I am the Lord, who heals you".

    Rabbi Haggai Lundin
    Shabbat Hagadol

    Beginning of history

    The concept of time was created on Nissan. Until then, people lived as the Egyptian lamb - without a shepherd and without purpose.

    Rabbi Haggai Lundin
    The Month of Adar

    Adar - the month of laughter

    The month of Adar is known to be the month of happiness and laughter. Laughter appears when a person feels full identification with a particular content. The month of Adar is a month of a great effort to compare our will with the will of God.

    Rabbi Haggai Lundin | Shvat 5773
    Articles about Hanukkah

    The Triumph of Israeli Renewal over Greek Stagnation

    From "Megged Yerachim" published by "Beit Harav"

    The Jewish victory over the Greeks, which brought liberation from national and religious oppression, also broke the shackles of the materialistic, stagnated Hellenist world view. And not by chance was this new hope realized during the month of Kislev.

    Rabbi Haggai Lundin | 5770
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