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Hebrew- Not Just Another Language

With the recent abundance of translations of Rabbinic literature into English, there is a clear decline in the study & knowledge of Hebrew in the Yeshiva and Jewish Day School systems in the last decade. The class deals with not only the problem of studying Torah from translations instead of the original, but in the ideal of learning and speaking Hebrew as an ideal in unto itself. It summarizes some of the central points in his sefer, "LeHarim et HaDegel" on the topic, including sources how the holiness of Lashon HaKodesh halachically elevates even secular topics (& kal vachomer Torah!) & instills Jewish Pride, Unity & Identity. This in addition to the mitzva involved, the kabbalistic, philosophic & scholarly ramifications (to be cont. in part 2)


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Cheshvan 11 5781
66 min listen
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