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Beit Midrash Jewish Laws and Thoughts The Coronavirus Pandemic

Chapter 4

What Should We "Take Home" from the Corona Crisis?

We obviously can't understand how God runs the world. On the other hand, the questions, ramifications, and thoughts that inevitably arise out of our Godly intelligence and curiosity, in such an extreme and rare world crisis, are surely part (!) of what is meant to preoccupy us. Rather than seeing this as a "punishment" of an angry god, which is more fitting for a childish or pagan world-view, we believe that our loving Father works through sending us "educational lessons" or challenges, which build us and help us notice problems or shortcomings in our current routine. These 20+ social, familial, religious, universal, national, and Zionist outcomes, are surely meant to be noticed, to reap the benefits of "Gam zu l'tova!", "all God does is for the best!"
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The Coronavirus Pandemic (19)
Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff
3 - The month of Iyar-"for I am the Lord, who heals you".
4 - What Should We "Take Home" from the Corona Crisis?
5 - What is to become of our money?
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