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Parasha Summary - Emor

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Our Sedra begins with laws of the Kohanim & the Kohen Gadol, who must maintain a unique standard of purity. A Kohen may not come into contact with a corpse, or attend a funeral (except for immediate family members). They are also restricted as to who they may marry. Certain physical blemishes may disqualify a Kohen from performing the Avodah.

The nation is commanded to keep itself Holy. Non-Kohanim must give a portion of Teruma from the harvest in Eretz Yisrael to the Kohen. We must never desecrate the name of Hashem; rather, we should sanctify G-d's name in word & deed.

The Parsha then discusses the various Festivals of the year, "Moadim" - meeting places in time between us & Hashem. The Menora must be lit each day; & the Lechem HaPanim (12 loaves of bread baked once a week which miraculously stayed fresh) were a sign of Divine sustenance for the nation.

The Sedra ends with the incident of the Blasphemer who cursed G-d's name & was then executed.
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