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Beit Midrash Torah Portion and Tanach Ki Tisa

Parasht Ki Tissa

Rabbi Avi RonessAdar A’, 5763
Dedicated to the memory of
Tzvi Yoel Ben Moshe HaLevi
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Once again we read the incredible story of the golden calf.
Moshe Rabeinu's response to the sin seems almost as surprising as the sin itself - smashing the 'luchos' at the foot of the mountain, and then rallying the Levi'im to slay their brothers and friends.

Rav Kook (Orot Hakodesh 2, 21) derives an important lesson from Moshe's behavior: although under normal circumstances holiness is a constructive force, which fosters growth through positive actions, there are times when an act of 'holy destruction' is called for.
Rav Kook explains that this lesson is relevant to each and every person as he navigates his way through life's concerns. A person who is not wholeheartedly committed to seeking out "the light of good and truth", will choose the comfort one experiences when clinging to familiar ground, never questioning well worn beliefs and opinions. Moshe's act of 'holy destruction' teaches us that in order to achieve the highest level one can, maintaining the status quo is not enough. One must be willing to lay physical and spiritual well being at risk, 'smashing' outdated elements of the self, thus preparing the ground for the building of a more spiritual structure.

It is time to listen to the voice of G-d as it calls to us through the unfolding of Jewish history in our time - Come home, come home to the land where the Jewish people can truly build a sacred nation.

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