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When is the next yovel?


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19 Cheshvan 5763
Please let me know when the next yovel is. I understand that it took Joshua 14 years to settle the Land, and most people begin the count of years from that point.
Today, we do not count the years of the yovel because the People of Israel are not living in the Land of Israel with each of the tribes living in its particular region, which will occur, G-d willing, after the Third Temple is built. After the Temple is built, the years until the shemita will be counted anew. The seventh year will be the first shemita year and after seven shemita years are counted the fiftieth year will be the yovel. Thus, the next yovel will occur fifty years after the Third Temple is built, may it be soon in our days. Amen. Ehud Ahituv
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