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Terumot & Maasrot for Private Garden Herbs


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13 Sivan 5765
If I have some herbs (like nana, zaatar, oregano, rosmarie etc) in my garden and wish to use them for tea and cooking etc do I need to take Terumot and Maasrot for them - I only take a couple of starnds at a time etc.?
Shalom, On principle, also when taking two strands one must give Trumot and Maasrot from it. You are, however, talking about herbs for seasoning, where the attitude is slightly different: If the herbs aren't eaten at all, are meant only for tea and are thrown out immediately afterwards, most Poskim agree that Trumot Umaasrot aren't necessary. If the herbs are intended for eating, are meant for tea, but are somtimes eaten afterwards (i.e. nana), Trumot Umaasrot must be taken. BeVirkat HaTorah VeHaAretz, Rabbi Yoel Friedman
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