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induction heat stove tops


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Adar 29, 5778
Is there a problem using an induction type stove top for meat and dairy? Can it be cleaned and used on Pesach? I am Askenazi. The store owner says that the induction stove top is glass as opposed to ceramic
ב"ה Shalom As you know the store owner's interest is to sell products, and should not be relied upon when it comes to Halachic issues, unless he has certain utensils with documentation from Machon Tzomet or from the Institute of Technology According to Halacha in Israel. As the issue of induction stove top is relatively new, I have not seen the issue discussed in the sefarim of major poskim. Therefore, I refer to an answer given by Rav Yakov Ariel, who is an important posek as it appears on the Hebrew counterpart of this website. Rav Ariel wrote, that the way to make it kosher for Pesach is to place a pot on it and to warm it to its maximum temperature so that the induction stove top gets warm enough so that a piece of paper would burn on it. I also heard, from Rabbi Avraham Halpern, that the Institute of Technology According to Halacha, suggests pouring hot water over the surface 3 times. In addition, he mentioned that there are devices available which one can use on these stove tops which the pots and pans fit it to and do not cause damage to the stove top which one may use on Pesach which would avoid many on the problems which arise from the special composition of the glass used for these stove tops. As far as, the use for meat and milk, if there would be no spillage then in principal there should be no problem placing dairy or meat pots on a dry and clean induction surface. The problem arises when there is spillage of actual meat or diary substance. Rabbi Avraham Halpern suggests setting aside one burner in the corner for the cooking of actual dairy to avoid problems when there is spillage. Rav Shmuel Ariel, from Yeshivat Otniel, wrote on the Hebrew counterpart ot this website that if there is spillage, then one should avoid placing a pot which is diary on an area where something meaty was spilled and vice versa. If one want needs to use it, then it should be made kosher by placing a pot there until it reaches the high temperature. If the spillage went beyond that the area of where the pot is placed, then pour boiling water. If I have more information or suggestions from any of the above Rabbis or others, I will edit my answer at a later time. All the best
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