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Can I use baking utensils washed in a fleishig in milchig


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Cheshvan 18, 5782
Hi Rabbi, i have one set of baking bowls (dont recall putting fleishig in it, I may have once). Being that the fleishig sink is more accessible I would try to wash everything i could in it. For that reason i use a fleishig fork (non Ben yomo) for mixing. May I bake it in a Milchig oven? If done previously, what should be done? Thank you!
ב"ה Shalom, Mixing in a baking bowl while everything is cold does not make anything meaty or dairy. (Fleishig or Milchig). Although, one should set aside separate dishes for meat, milk and pareve. Washing the bowl in the meat sink if it did not come in contact there with hot meat products does not make it meaty either, even if you washed it with a meat sponge since the soap cancels out any authentic meat taste. While washing pareve items in the meat sink, it is best if you place a different rack for these dishes so they do not sit directly in the sink and to make sure you don't have meaty items in the sink. Mixing cold batter with a clean meat fork does not make the bowl meaty either. An oven which had dairy baked in it can be made kosher to bake meat in it. However, as I said in the beginning, you should make every effort to have separate dishes for meat, milk and pareve in order to prevent any possible forbidden mixtures. If I have not answered the specific question you wanted, please clarify exactly what I may have missed. All the best
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