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supervision for egg retrieval


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tammuz 18, 5777
Dear Rabbi Weitzman, Thank you for assisting with my question. As an aging single Jewish woman, I participated in egg freezing at Sharei Tzedek hospital a few years ago. I didn’t have anyone with me, other than the hospital staff, when the procedure was taking place. I understand more fully now that it is a recommended practice to have mashgiach/mashgicha of sorts in the room when egg retrieval is done, to oversee the process and make sure there is no doubt that the samples are properly labelled, presumably in order to ensure no doubt about the origin of the eggs. At the time, I was too overwhelmed emotionally, and under extreme pressure time-wise to be allowed to do the freezing, in order to look into this oversight practice and try to find someone to assist me. Should I be concerned now about the implications of not having used such a person as part of my freezing process? If I do choose to use the eggs down the line, will I encounter obstacles or difficulties due to the lack of external oversight? Will there be doubt hanging over my samples, and will there be a practical ramification to that doubt? Thank you very much for your kind aitzah.
Shalom, Shaarei Zedek has a system of halachic supervision in place for all treatments. You can rely on them in this regard.
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