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Food that falls on ceramic stove


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Adar II 28, 5774
My husband was making scrambled egg in a milky pan when some fell out onto the ceramic (glass) stovetop (one side is used for meat and one side for milk but I have had chicken soup spill over the entire stove top at times) (The stove top had been cleaned and not used for 24 hours) not thinking he scooped the egg up and put in back in the pan, would that egg be treif and is the frying pan now treif, it is a teflon coated pan. Thank you
Based upon the information you provided, that the stovetop was not used for 24 hours, and on the assumption that the stovetop was clean from any residue of actual meat, the egg did not become treif. This is because the egg absorbed a distasteful flavor from the stovetop which was not used for 24 hours. Accordingly, your pan did not become treif either. So no damage or aveira was done. However, normally if food falls on the surface between burners which is constantly used and occasionally there is actual food residue, the food which fell must be discarded. May you have a happy and kosher pesach
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