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Did I trief our pot?

Shalom Rabbi, I was making two dishes last night. One was a parve onion soup (onions cut with a parve knife) cooked in a dairy pot that had been used to cook cheese within the past 24 hours. The other pot had hot dogs in a meat pot with hot water. After stirring the hot dog mixture I accidentally stirred the dairy soup with the meat spoon. what is the status of the meat spoon and the dairy pot? Thank you and Shabbat Shalom
I'm afraid we can't always get to questions when the answers are still relevant. In the case you described, according to the Rema (יורה דעה צה:ב) if the majority of the soup was indeed made of onions as you pointed out, the soup would be considered milky even after 24 hours of dairy use. Therefore, if in the contents of the soup there was 60 times the mixing spoon, the soup would be kosher and consequently the pot. However, the spoon which absorbed meat and milk must be made kosher accordingly.
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